Cyber Cafes

Net365 understands your requirement for a truly unlimited connection to be used in specialist areas such as cyber cafes. Most providers prohibit their connections to be used for such activity due to the risk involved in allowing complete strangers to access the internet without additional checks. It is impossible for staff to constantly monitor all users at all times, which can lead to a security incident involving law enforcement agencies. Net365 has designed a specialist system which logs all connections made to the internet, recording the time/date/protocol/port number and particular PC used in all transactions. Coupled with CCTV, this allows culprits to be tracked down quickly and normal business to resume sooner. The system simply logs connections, so there is no privacy issue: it cannot log usernames/passwords or the contents of any messages/packets which are sent over the network.

We offer wires only connectivity as well as complete solutions. Please contact us for more information. All our packages are truly unlimited and do not have any download allowance. We will not throttle your connection at any time.

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