Why Net365

Net365 was created in 2009 to serve the students of Bradford University, living in local houses near the university, where broadband speeds were low. Since then Net365 has become a leader in Student Broadband offering state of the art intelligent systems for student halls of residence.

Whether your need is for a small, wireless network for an H.M.O environment or a wired network for 2000+ students, we aim to provide a fast and reliable broadband service. Our systems are monitored 24/7 and should any problems arise we provide a freefone connection to contact us for technical support. On larger sites we provide a self service terminal for users to log any problems that may occur or process account upgrades. Landlords are able to log into our website to check the progress of fault reports or to monitor the service log for their site. We are happy to discuss your requirements and provide advice and guidance as to the options available to you, taking into account your needs and budget.

For some time now the systems being installed in student halls have been overpriced, have single points of failure and buckle under heavy loads. Net365 has changed this by offering our no-stop system as standard for our bigger customers. Instead of risking a single part causing a catastrophic failure we mirror key parts of our access systems. If one part was to fail, the intelligent system would route around the issue, transferring the load to a backup controller and automatically notifying Net365 that a failure had occurred and a new part was required. The part can then be changed during office hours and users are unaware that a problem existed.

Compare this to the traditional reactive approach conducted by many other student halls’ ISPs. Can you afford for your halls to be offline for hours/days while an engineer is sent out?

Net365 has recognised the importance of providing a fast and reliable internet service with a system that has built in redundancy.

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