On Ward Access

Happy patients heal faster - get them connected to their world via the web – and do it well. Loneliness and isolation felt in hospital can be depressing so a link to the world and communications with friends and family, without a huge phone bill, can be a lifeline for patients.

Net365M’s bedside internet solutions are good value for both hospitals and patients. The high cost of existing telephone and internet services, often with limited function, is well known. Our fast internet connection allows patients to fully access the internet with their own laptops from their bedside, at reasonable cost.

The network is completely separate from the hospital's own healthcare network, leaving no weak links in the security of patient data.

All points of the network are monitored by our advanced system and should a fault occur, it will immediately alert engineers to rectify the problem. Due to the technology used and backups and fail-safes in place, we have a very reliable network and can offer highly competitive service level agreements.

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