Rural Broadband

Live outside town and feeling neglected? Most mainstream ISPs have forgotten rural areas – bent on getting the big-money large city areas wired up for fibre broadband, they’ve forgotten their rural customers stuck on the end of very old, very slow copper wiring in remote valleys far from exchanges. Net365 understands your problem – and we care. We grew up in very rural areas and are only too familiar with the problems - we want to change rural internet for the better!

And what's more, we're going to do it without digging up all the roads! Impossible, you may think? Not so. Net365 services have been based on wireless transmission from day one – we don’t use phone lines or suffer from their problems. Our high-speed connections go anywhere they need to – including 'up hill and down dale'! Using small but harmless microwave links, with a transmitter beaming the internet down into your valley, and a small receiver dish on your house, you can have internet at the speeds fibre can provide – and more. The receiver’s about 14cm in diameter and 5cm thick, so it’s nowhere near as visible as a satellite dish - it goes up on your roof or chimney stack and you can forget about it. All installation, servicing and maintenance is done by Net365.



Villages can have an individual connection to each house, or the whole village can be wifi enabled. It's just like the wifi from your home router but it’s broadcast at a more powerful level, enabling street and thus village wide coverage. Transmitters and base stations can be placed on any tall object (within reason), be it chimneys, lamp posts or private telegraph poles. Net365 will design and install a system with the minimum of disturbance, and there’ll always be an engineer on standby to solve any problems.


Farms/Standalone Properties

It doesn't matter if you are truly out in the sticks away from any other houses or property – you can receive internet just the same – at the same speed as the city. Super-fast broadband straight to your farmhouse – not many providers can offer that! Call Net365 now for more information and a free estimate.


Service Prices

Rural Connect 4Mbps service
£8.00 per month

Rural Connect 8Mbps service
£12.00 per month

Rural Connect 16Mbps service
£20.00 per month

Rural Connect 30Mbps service

£34.00 per month


Install Prices

Zone A (up to 1km from repeater) £75.00

Zone B (up to 3km from repeater) £125.00

Zone C (up to 6km from repeater) £175.00

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