Net365 to the rescue! Local broadband company rescues 200+ customers from shock ISP cut-off

15/12/16 01:00


Customers from a once-large Leeds based ISP 186k had their daily routine rudely interrupted by their internet being switched off without warning early on Wednesday morning.  A status was posted on the company service status page instructing customers that they were unable to continue to provide a broadband service and customers would need to source a new supplier. As if this wasn’t enough, 186k also provided ISPs FireNET and with broadband, as well as many other resellers and virtual ISPs - so when the service ceased they all were offline too.

When the news broke on several news sites around lunchtime, Net365 were one of the first ISPs to offer help on social media and forums to stranded customers, by offering them a replacement connection with expeditated installation to get them back online.

During the day, our engineers went one step further. They refined the technical process of transferring the lines and with support of their upstream suppliers they managed to reduce the time from first contact with Net365 to the process completed and customer online to only 30 minutes.

For a customer to change ISP it typically takes up to 10 days to complete the process, but because Net365 have multiple connections from multiple carriers the process was speeded up. With the help of their channel partners, the lines could transfer lines internally, cutting out the 10 day wait incurred by an intra-ISP change.


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