Creating Your Net365 Account


This page is for customers who pay us direct for their connection, at sites already enabled by Net365. This is normally for students or other tennants in shared housing where the landlord/lady does not pay for your internet, but a Net365 connection is provided.

If your landlord/lady pays for your internet, you need to see him/her for a username and password.

If you are a RuralConnect customer, your account should have been set up when your system was installed. If you cannot access the internet or have lost your details, please phone support on 01274 900100.

This page is to sign up for an account where a Net365 connection is already installed. This does not book you a system installation. If you are interested in receiving our services and do not have a system/connection installed yet, please email or ring 01274 900100.

If you are in any doubt as to whether you need to make an account, please ring us first on 01274 900100.

Signing Up – Username and Password rules.

Usernames can only contain lowercase letters and numbers, They cannot contain any other characters such as underscores or @ symbols. They also cannot contain spaces. Usernames must not contain swearwords or be otherwise offensive as per our terms of service.

Passwords should be 8 characters or longer and contain letters, numbers and characters. It should also not be a real word, or anything easily guessed e.g. the name of someone close to you. This advice is to help prevent hackers and social engineers from gaining access to your account through poor password choice.

By signing up, you are agreeing to be bound by our general terms and conditions and our refund policy. Please read these through before you sign up.

Users can top their accounts up by credit/debit card or by paypal. Please click here to sign up.

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