Residential Accommodation

Offer your tenants top quality high speed internet broadband without the need for phone lines or lengthy contracts. Net365’s internet services suit professional occupants perfectly because we bring in our own connectivity. Our network is faster than a phone line from an outside provider. From initial consultation through design and final implementation to ongoing maintenance, Net365 has the solution for landlords, property developers, and investment groups.

We have a wide range of billing options to suit every environment. The main two are:

The first option, widely used in long term lets, is for the landlord to purchase a bulk package whereby (s)he buys a block of connections then offers connection as part of the rent With this option we offer a unique feature called Landlord Notify/Landlord Disconnect – enabling you to send messages to tenants overdue on their rent or suspend them altogether.

The second option is our pre-pay model. The system is installed and tenants wishing to use the system sign and pay for 30 days access up front. At the end of the 30 day period a reminder is sent to the customer asking them to top-up. If they don’t top up their account, it’s automatically turned off and removed after the redemption period has elapsed. This system is recommended in short term lets or for properties that are likely to default on rental payments.

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