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Welcome to Net365 – specialist student broadband!

If you are a student living in a halls of residence where Net365 provides the internet, you should receive a connection pack containing your username and password, and instructions on how to connect. If you do not know your username and password, please contact your accommodation manager.

By default, you may use three different devices on your account. This three device limit does NOT include games consoles – you can have a games console added to your account on top of three other devices for no extra cost. If you wish to use more than three devices (excluding games consoles) on your account, we offer the option of purchasing a router from Net365, which you can attach up to 253 devices to. Our routers are available from the Net365 Shop and come with the added advantage of being configured ready to use immediately with our service.


Whichever base package your halls internet is on, you can buy speed upgrades for a small amount if your needs demand faster internet. Please see the optional extras card in your welcome pack or log-in to your account and click on “manage my account”.


We have an extensive knowledgebase with a lot of frequently asked questions. Please visit

If you have any other problems not answered online or you cannot access the internet, please ring our helpline on 01274 900100, email or text the word CALLBACK and your message to 07786202530. An engineer will get in contact at the next available time.

Bradford Student Quarter Internet Coverage (SQuIC)

(click here if you live in student housing as supposed to halls of residence)

Net365 has very wide coverage in the student area of Bradford, serving many houses and some halls of residence. As such, it means we can provide wireless service to halls who may have another main provider. If you are dissatisfied with your current provider, you can purchase a connection through our Community Wireless system, which will provide wireless internet to your halls room. This is only available in some areas currently:

    West side of Arkwright Halls
    North West corner of The Green
    Some North facing parts of Forster Halls

However, we are always looking for places to expand to. If we do not cover your area and you are interested in our service, please email us at with your request and location. A site survey to see if internet provision is possible is totally free with no obligations.

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