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At Last: A broadband service designed for dense residential accommodation, with no hidden extras.

Get the latest “Wireless Fibre” Technology for your home.
We looked at shared housing and immediately saw problems. Many people are in shared housing for less than 12 months but other operators will only offer a contract that is 12+ Months.

Read on to find out why our systems are the best for your house.
  • No Phone line required – Your building is fitted with wireless throughout. Connecting is the same as if you were at a coffee shop
  • 30 day PAYG payment terms – no contracts.
  • Each person pays for their own connection, and each person's speed is unaffected by other users in the house. No more arguing over who is paying, or who is slowing the internet down.
  • No Credit checks
  • Guaranteed speeds – all day every day. we do not use the 'up to' clause like most other ISPs. The speeds we promise are the speeds you will get.
  • Unlimited Downloads – download away, we won't ever limit or stop you.
  • No restrictions during peak times – we do not throttle traffic at all, so no matter when you feel like surfing, the speed and bandwidth will be there.
  • UK Based Technical Support and local engineers – based mostly in Yorkshire/Lincolnshire.
  • Includes “NetCare”. Our fully comprehensive breakdown cover should the unexpected happen.
  • Every system is professionally designed to ensure the best internet experience possible.

We operate our own network over Bradford and are completely independent of BT/Virgin and phone lines in the ground. We utilise wireless rooftop transmitter technology to bring you fibre speeds without the need to lay fibre optic cable, or suffer slow speeds on copper phone lines.

TruSpeed 4
4Mbps Service
£6.00 Per month
Suitable for general internet users.

TruSpeed 8
8Mbps Service
£10.00 Per Month
Suitable for regular internet use for university work, and youtube streaming.

TruSpeed 16
16Mbps Service
£16.00 per month
Suitable for streaming, downloading and gaming.

TruSpeed 30 (NEW)
30Mbps Service
£30.00 per month
Suitable for heavy, regular downloading and gaming.

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