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Internet in student houses can be arranged by the landlord, or the students. If it's left to the students, they’ll have to take a package designed for home/family use, paying for line rental and a phone they likely won't use whilst sharing one connection speed that rarely reaches what the ISP claims. All it takes is one student downloading a few blockbusters and suddenly the internet speed is rock bottom for all the rest. If the landlord provides the internet, (s)he'll be the one fielding all the calls when it isn't working – not ideal!

The answer? An internet package from Net365.

Connection speed is guaranteed and is per user, not per household! That individual downloading the films? With our system it won't affect what anyone else is doing.

Our system doesn’t use phone lines so paying line rental is unnecessary and helps keep costs right down. Your internet service will be unaffected should there be a local phone line outage.

There are two options for payment:

  • The users pay direct by means of top-up (similar to Pay As You Go mobile phones),
  • or
  • The landlord pays for the internet and includes it in the rent.

  • Included in both these packages is full technical support.

    Don't waste time trying a home internet solution for shared housing – get a quality system designed specifically for the job by Net365!

    We’re very flexible with our packages which depend on property size and number of tenants – please contact us to discuss your needs.

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